CoPilot Truck Fleet Management

Back Office Companion Solutions for Unified Results

Connecting the back office to the cab is critical for a successful deployment of in-cab navigation. Streamline your operations company-wide by extending the same commercial routing algorithm powering your in-cab navigation to your back office planning, visualization and reporting tools. Create, manage, and share custom location and route management content; enhance the navigation experience from the back office.

Ideal for fleets of 50 trucks or more


Web-based Remote Configuration

Ideal for fleets of 50 trucks or more

  • Streamline communication from the back office to the cab for improved driver safety, satisfaction and overall efficiency
  • Limit the need for driver interaction, minimizing driver distraction and risk of fines and collisions
  • Define routing profiles and assign them to the cab from the back office
CoPilot FleetPortal Screenshot
FleetPortal is available to select CoPilot Customers

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Create, Manage & Sync Custom Location Content

  • With easy-to-use tools you can ensure consistency company-wide and across all your Trimble Maps solutions, including CoPilot Truck
  • Create, import and edit custom places
  • Define Sites with a polygon fence and entry/exit gates
  • Customize Avoid/Favors to your preferences
  • Integrate with CoPilot Truck navigation solutions

Route Visualization & Reporting

Ideal for fleets of 50 trucks or more

  • Improve driver performance with post-trip detailed insight into routes executed in-cab
  • Receive back office notifications when a driver leaves the prescribed route by more than a pre-defined off route threshold
  • Visualize distance and time deltas directly on the map at a fleet-wide level or drill down to each route
  • View a post-trip summary of all off route events with the vital data points, including planned vs. actual distance to monitor for variable cost management
RouteReporter Screenshot
RouteReporter is available to select CoPilot Truck Enterprise Customers

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Routing, Mileage & Mapping that Drives the Transportation Industry

  • Industry standard back office mileage and route planning software for efficient operations
  • Generate commercial vehicle routes with precise mileages and drive times using the most current maps available
  • Appropriately plan regulatory breaks at preferred stop locations using the Hours of Service Manager for compliance
  • Obtain realistic ETAs with real-time and predictive traffic, as well as Hours of Service stop duration times